As we recently announced, our Team of Developers have developed a super-speed Airdrop DApp for use by the KCC Launchpad and other projects on the Kucoin Chain (and subsequently other Chains).

We are happy to announce that the Airdrop Services by the KCL Airdrop DApp is now LIVE and available for use by all & sundry including developers, project Teams & the general public.

The DApp can send Airdrop to up-to 1000 addresses per-send at the “speed of light”. 🔥

👉 To access the KCL AIRDROP DAPP SERVICES just log on to:


To use the KCL AIRDROP DApp, projects and individuals will be required to pay for the service with $KCL! This will increase the $KCL buy pressure and usecase 🚀

As we have REPEATEDLY affirmed; the KCC LAUNCHPAD isn’t just a Launchpad Project but we do also have a growing Ecosystem (aside Launchpad) that creates more utilities for our $KCL token.

Our Airdrop DApp Service is arguably the only functional Airdrop DApp on the Kucoin Community Chain at the moment. So, it should be hotly sought after.

The KCL AIRDROP DApp will be the ultimate go-to place for projects and developers on the Kucoin Community Chain & other Chains willing to send out airdrops en masse be it during IDOs or as occasions may demand.

The KCL AIRDROP DApp Service is one among MANY other useCases the Team has developed & still developing behind the scenes to ensure that the price of $KCL is not limited to Launchpad, Swap etc alone.

By these increasing utilities powered by the $KCL, we envision to build an ecosystem token that will not be affected by bulls and bears, the tweet of one (or even many) figures nor news of a crypto ban/crackdown from ANY nation!

So Community, let’s spread the news about the KCL AIRDROP DAPP SERVICES and make it the №1 go-to place for anything Airdrop on the Kucoin Chain & other Chains. 👉

We want to thank our Community Members & Investors for their patience and understanding.

We appreciate YOU all 🙏










TELEGRAM (Announcement):



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