RANKING NO. 3: KCL WEALTH DApp Currently Ranking №3 On The Kucoin Chain Discovery: 🔥🔥🔥

Our drive and efforts behind the scenes seems to be gaining recognition in many quarters (to our own amazement 😁 )

The KCL WEALTH DApp is currently ranking №3 on the Kucoin Chain (Discovery).

Visit Kucoin Chain Discovery Site Below (On PC Or use Desktop Site On Phone): 👉 https://discover.kcc.io/

The Kucoin Chain Discovery is owned by the Kucoin BlockChain and does monitor and rank legit DApps & projects on the Kucoin Chain.

The Kucoin Chain Discovery monitors the best DApps/Projects making impact on the Kucoin Chain and grades them in order of their ‘Legitnes’, Performance, Current engagements and more importantly, FUTURE POSSIBILITIES.

This surprise recognition and ranking by the Kucoin Community Chain Discovery is a testament to the fact that The Team’s silent behind-the-scenes ‘BUIDLings’ are yielding results and recognition within the Kucoin Chain.

We are not in anyway satisfied with a №3 ranking. No! We aim to be Kucoin Chain №1 Project…

We are also NOT just aiming for Kucoin domination, we envisioned an entire CRYPTOVerse Domination.

The future of KCC LAUNCHPAD and her Ecosystem products like the KCL Wealth, soon-coming SWAP/STAKING etc are indubitably bright!

We make bold to state that 1KCL to $100 would sound like an understatement SOONER than you can imagine! 🚀🔥🚀

Let’s continue to build TOGETHER as one Strong unstoppable Community… We ain’t stopping until we make this Project world’s most successful Community Driven Project…

Thank you all 🙏



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KCC Launchpad

KCC Launchpad is a Community driven IDO launchpad with fairness & equality on the Kucoin Community Chain. www.kcclaunch.net