PARTNERSHIP: The KCC Launchpad X Crypto Marketing Company Strategic Partnership Receives A Boost

To maintain a dominant position in our ever-changing & competitive Crypto market, there is a need to work with external partners that shares common goals and aspirations with us.

It was in the light of this conviction that the KCC Launchpad Team announced a strategic partnership with the Crypto Marketing Company (The CMC) about two months ago.

That partnership has proven to be incredibly & mutually beneficial to both the KCC Launchpad & the CMC.

We are grateful to the CMC Team for their immense support & the exposure they have helped brought to the KCC Launchpad Ecosystem.

Our partnership with the CMC is getting better & stronger.

The CMC will soon be launching a Crypto Magazine with over 250,000 subscribers and the KCC Launchpad has been given a permanent advert space on the magazine thus increasing our exposure in the Crypto community in general.

Also, the CMC are currently running a Presale of their soon-to-be launched Coin (The CMC Coin).

When launched, the CMC Coin holders will be receiving weekly reflections in other coins and the $KCL has been chosen as one of the coins to be received. This will unarguably increase buy pressure on KCL and we all know what that means! 😁

The CMC Coin Presales are currently ongoing and we want to encourage our Community Members to participate in the presales.

To participate, do visit the CMC Coin Presales site and fill the expression of interest Form by using the link below:

We look forward to a continuous synergetic mutually beneficial partnership with the Crypto Marketing Company (CMC).

Thank You…



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