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2 min readNov 6, 2021


The wait is over as the KCL Staking Feature; The KCL STAKING DApp goes live! 🔥

As we have stated here a couple of times; the KCL Team believes Crypto Currency can be a tool for global economic empowerment & financial freedom if and when administered with fairness & integrity.

And in furtherance of that ethos, we are pleased to announce the unveiling of our Staking Feature; THE KCL STAKING DApp.

The Staking DApp will enable those within and outside our Community to stake their $KCL to earn MORE $KCL up to 120% APY thus being economically empowered as they generate daily passive income.

To start staking $KCL, visit the KCL Staking portal using your Metamask Browser, connect your wallet, choose your desired package, do the needful and you are live! 😀🔥

$KCL STAKING DApp Portal: 👉 https://stake.kcclaunch.net/

Three(3) Packages are available viz: BASIC, STANDARD & PREMIUM.


🔥 Minimum: 300 KCL

🔥 Maximum: 7,000 KCL

Duration: 45 Days

APY: 36%



🔥 Minimum: 1000 KCL

🔥 Maximum: 10,000 KCL

Duration: 90 Days

APY: 48%



🔥 Minimum: 10,000 KCL

🔥 Maximum: 50,000 KCL

Duration: 180 Days

APY: 84% — 120%

KCL STAKING Contract Address Link: https://explorer.kcc.io/en/address/0x5e529f10755ea9f0eb7cc8d178d3fe9097bac1d3

We are confident that the launching of our STAKING DApp will add income-generating utility to our growing Ecosystem and will skyrocket the value of $KCL with time.

The Team will continue to work hard to see that our goal of making this Project world’s most successful Community-driven Project becomes an exciting reality!

Beloved Community Members & Investors, the future is super bright for us all and if you are here right now then we are taking you with us! 😁

Trust the $KCL Team, we got EVERYTHING covered for you all 💚

👉 🔥 Stake KCL… Earn MORE $KCL… Generate Passive INCOME 💰💰💰



KCC Launchpad

KCC Launchpad is a Community driven IDO launchpad with fairness & equality on the Kucoin Community Chain. www.kcclaunch.net


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