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4 min readJul 13, 2021


This article will help our community understand our tokenomics and the structure for our private sale. Kindly follow us on all our social media handles so you don't miss out on our project.


We shall have two (2) phases in the presale. Presale Phase 1 & Phase 2 respectively:

  1. Presale Phase (1): This will be the first stage open to early investors and community members. 72,000 $KCL tokens will be sold in this round but this opportunity will be open to the first ten(10) people who fills the form when open. Tokens at this stage will be sold to these early investors at $0.07/$KCL. The minimum & maximum number of tokens to be purchased per investor at this stage is 7,200 $KCL which will be $504. This window is open strictly to those who believe in the project and intend to be partners. tokens at this stage wont be vested but will be released in full to these investors. Total funds raised here would be $5,040 which will be added to our marketing wallet as we are community driven.
  2. Presale Phase (2): This will be the second stage of our fund raising and it will be open to the public and our community members. Five hundred thousand (500,000) $KCL tokens will be sold at $0.12/$KCL. A form will be available on our social media channels to fill so the investor gets whitelisted for a spot, little promotional tasks will be done by the investors too and 200 people will be randomly selected as winners of this round to buy tokens and will be published on our Telegram handle(Keep our website handy for updates on link if necessary). The maximum and minimum to buy in this round is 2,500 $Kcl which will be valued at $300. Investors in this round will receive 40% of presale tokens purchased which will be 1,000 $KCL and will receive the balance 60%(1,500) over the period of 3 months. Each month this investor gets 500 $KCL tokens airdropped to their provided wallet.
  3. Public Sale

A total of 150,000 tokens will be sold in the public round at $0.2 to 150 whitelisted people. Funds raised here will be locked immediately on one of the swaps on KCC for liquidity and price listing.

4. Launch

The KCC Launch will be launched officially in August and details will be announced through our social media handles.

Our token will be listed on one of the swap with 100,000 tokens and a $30,000 Market Cap at $0.3/$KCL


15,000,000 $KCL shall be the maximum total supply of KCC Launchpad.

Here we shall show the summarized breakdown of how the $KCL tokens will be spent or distributed.

  1. 3,000,000(Three Million) tokens will be used for the development of the project.
  2. 2,000,000(Two Million) tokens will be used for marketing partnerships which is very important for a launchpad to reach a wider audience.
  3. 3,000,000(Three Million) tokens will be set aside for the team members which includes advisors and some other major partnerships, Funds here will also be used for airdrop to help build a vibrant community as it is believed that the more people in possession of your token, the more acceptance you get.
  4. 5,178,000(Five Million, One Hundred and Seventy-Eight Thousand) would be locked in the Staking & Yield Farming Pool on our KCC Launch Swap
  5. 1,000,000(One Million, tokens will be kept for future exchange listing & other partnerships.
  6. 72,000(Seventy Two Thousand) will be sold during Presale phase 1 as described in this article.
  7. 500,000(Five Hundred Thousand) will be sold at the Presale Phase 2 (with vesting.)
  8. 150,000(One Hundred And Fifty Thousand) tokens will be sold at the Public sale.
  9. 100,000(One Hundred Thousand) tokens will be locked for liquidity on one of the decentralized exchange on the launch date.

N/B: 7,000,000(Seven Million) of our tokens will be locked and vested over a period of 1 Year.



KCC Launchpad

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