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3 min readSep 5, 2021


Our warm appreciations to all our Community Members & Investors for your resilience and for standing by us despite and in spite the temporary tanking of the $KCL price after launch/listing.

As some of us might be aware, the Kucoin Chain is a new Blockchain and just getting exposure (unlike the already popular Binance Smart Chain) and hence the relatively low transactions and volumes currently been witnessed on the Kucoin Chain.

But we want to assure our Investors and loyal Community Members that we are on top of our game!
We are not unaware of the fact that our asset ($KCL) is undervalued. Therefore, lots of works are being done behind the scenes which shall be unfolded soon.

The unveiling of these “behind-the-scenes works” will indubitably be “seen” in the $KCL charts in the coming days & weeks.

To appreciate our Presale/DXSale Investors and also our Loyal Holders, the Team has decided to gift a “Thank-You” bonus to our Presale/DXSale Investors & Holders.

As we have consistently emphasized, the KCC Launchpad Project is Community-driven and the best interest of our Investors will ALWAYS be taken to heart and captured in our day-to-day decisions. And in line with that; The Team will be implementing the following:

1. From the Team Wallet, we will be giving a bonus $KCL tokens in form of airdrop to all Holders of $KCL.
First snapshot of qualified wallets will be taken on Tuesday, 7th September, 2021 by 10PM UTC. The second snapshot will be taken at an unannounced date and time.

A. Presale/DXSale investors who are still holding their tokens will receive a far higher percentage of their holdings

B. Current & New Holders who hold until the first snapshot on 7/09/2021 10:00pm UTC THROUGH second snapshot will also a receive a good and sizeable percentage of their $KCL holdings

These set of wallets will be captured (in both the first & second snapshots) and would be eligible for our free distribution of $KCL tokens.

When Will This Bonus Be Airdropped?:
As soon as we launch one of our Utility Platform in the coming days the bonus coins will be released to the qualified Holders. We expect to have increased and higher volumes in terms of $KCL transactions by then!

2. We are also listing $KCL on a new Decentralized Exchange which would qualify us for Coingecko(CG) Listing & later Coin Market Cap (CMC). We can’t enjoy those privileges if we remain only on KoffeeSwap since KoffeeSwap is yet to be listed on CG & CMC.

Details on the above plans will be unveiled soon.

*NB: Our dear Community Members may wish to take advantage of this bonus offer and also the current cheap price of $KCL and fill their bags by BUYING more $KCL tokens. You may never get it this cheap again (Not a financial advice but an Insider’s advice)* 😁

Thank you All… 🙏




KCC Launchpad

KCC Launchpad is a Community driven IDO launchpad with fairness & equality on the Kucoin Community Chain.


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