Before making any statement, we want to thank our esteemed community members for believing in us and supporting this noble Project.

Our ethos remains making a difference in the Defi and Launchpad space on the platform of fairness and integrity and thus changing the narratives for the good of all.

As a Team, we are determined to not just Talk-The-Talk but most importantly, to also Walk/Work-The-Talk. And in furtherance of these objectives, we are pleased to inform our community and investors that our Smart contract has SUCCESSFULLY gone through manual code review, static code analysis and security checks against threats using sophisticated tools by a reputable audit company ( ).

Full audit report can found through this link:

In a nutshell, the audit report gave us “Excellent Pass” as no weakness or errors were found in our smart Contract.

This audit report will not only increase investors’ confidence but will also attract new investors to our fledging but very promising project.

We want to thank the Audit firm (eNebula) for their professionalism and world-class approach in carrying out the audit.

And with the successful audit process also comes the good news that the KCC Launchpad Token project has also passed the rigorous scrutiny and intense vetting process (call it KYC if you wish to) carried out by the audit company thus qualifying us to be issued “The Anti-Scam Certificate” which guarantees the impossibility of exit scam in the KCC Launchpad Token project.

The Team submitting themselves and the project to intense vetting process leading us to obtain the “Anti-Scam Certificate” is indeed novel in crypto as we are arguably among the first projects to be so issued such certificate!

We will continue to break new grounds and setting new standards as even we journey to the “moon” TOGETHER.

As we have frequently affirmed; we believe crypto currency can be a tool for economic empowerment if and when properly administered with fairness & integrity and we are determined to do just that!

In the coming weeks and months we will be unveiling more of the KCC Launchpad’s Ecosystem and what we have been working on behind the scenes including a BIG SUPRISE.

Starting this week, we will be embarking on intense guerrilla marketing to create awareness about the Project and also bring in more investors.

Granted, we don’t have massive “war chest” as does some established projects but we do have the strong will and the determination to make a mark that cannot be erased in the crypto space.

Thank you once again Community. This journey wouldn’t have been this successful so far without YOU guys.

We appreciate YOU all…

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KCC Launchpad

KCC Launchpad


KCC Launchpad is a Community driven IDO launchpad with fairness & equality on the Kucoin Community Chain.