Amazing & Outstanding Features on KCC Launchpad(creating passive income).

KCC Launchpad
3 min readJul 14, 2021

In this article we would be discussing some of the amazing features on KCC Launchpad that makes us stand out and to profit our community. Passive income is one of our priorities to keep our community engaged and in profit irrespective of bulls & bears.

So many people have learnt how to earn money via cryptocurrencies opportunities which present themselves to us, but have not learnt the art of growing and multiplying their money hence the loss of asset due to the readily available scammers out there. The passion to correct this very anomality motivated to Launch the first Launchpad in Kucoin Community Chain(KCC) to develop a full swap features that allows our users/community to make passive income through Yield farming, Lottery, games to win different coins, staking and liquidity locking and lots more.

KCC Launch Swap

Our KCC Launch swap is a decentralized exchange that allow users add their smart contract and supply liquidity on the Kucoin Community Chain.

On KCC Launch Swap, you enjoy low fees as KCC has made this possible with their chain. You also have less need to worry as the swap is decentralized without anyone having access to your funds but yourself.

Passive Income

We have a token as stated in all our post which you can stake in our pool to earn other coins. Remember we are one of the First IDO launchpad to have this feature, hence lots of projects coming into KCC will come to add project to pool. How does this work? You stake our $KCL token and earn other project coins freely and this increases your portfolio and asset.

The information is partially complete as we wanted to update our community on our projects to come. in addition, users can stake in our liquidity pool and begin to earn from the fees made on several coin transactions.

Our KCC Launchpad will make potential projects support us by launching on our swap instead on other swaps there and this will increase our ecosystem.

In conclusion, we call on our community to embrace this project as we intend to break the limits. We believe the sky is too small to aim as Jupiter is closer to our destination😂

Our Private Sale is about to start, join our telegram, twitter and other social medias to be updated on our project.



KCC Launchpad

KCC Launchpad is a Community driven IDO launchpad with fairness & equality on the Kucoin Community Chain.